SUTTEC has been established to operate in the field of machine production and turnkey milk processing facilities to milk and dairy processing facilities. From the day it was founded, it has served with above-expectation product quality and affordable sales policy. It is confidently on its way to becoming a world brand with AR-GE and expert marketing staff that produce according to world quality standards for the dairy and food industry and renews itself every day.

With its innovative and modern production approach, we are continuing our work to produce better quality products. We produce turnkey milk and dairy processing plants, pasteurized drinking milk lines, cheese production lines and food processing equipment. Our company, which knows the needs of the sector with its experience and experience for many years, produces in world quality standards for our customers. SUTTEC, which has export potential to every country of the world, provides installation and after-sales services of all the products it sells.

In addition, we continue our work with our continuously improving staff in order to understand the needs and expectations of our customers, to provide quality products and services to our customers, to remain the most valuable supplier of our customers. We know that our customers expect integrated, easy-to-use, appropriate solutions to the requirements of the age and continue our work by giving great value to this expectation. With our solutions, we provide our customers’ business sustainability and improve their performance. Unconditional customer satisfaction oriented service concept and machine production and ethical rules within the framework of institutions and companies; We offer customer-oriented, professional and high quality products with our advanced technology infrastructure and production technology, which is at the forefront of ease of use

Our Mission:
It has become inevitable to follow innovations in the dairy and food sector, where the importance of innovation and pragmatic work is increasing day by day, and to put the service at the forefront. Accordingly, the equipment and equipment you use in your facilities must be able to respond to maximum customer satisfaction-oriented jobs. Our deep-rooted commercial culture, vision for the future, our activities targeting excellence in all areas, with our strong human resources, are running to deliver the quality we promised.

• SUTTEC grows rapidly with its regular customer and active dealer network in Turkey and in the international market.
• SUTTEC uses advanced management systems and continuously updated information technologies.
• SUTTEC carries out a wide product program that will meet the expectations of customers with its designs.