Cooking Tank for Milk

Cooking tank for milk also known as bulk tank which is a storage tool for keeping the milk in a stable temperature. It is used in dairy farming and other milk content firms. There are quite different tank types which is both cooking and heating. Raw milk can be easily exposed to harmful germs. The temperature should be 3 to 4 C degree to keep the milk in good condition. So, cooking tank for milk is perfect storage tool for milk farms and it is used every day.

Characteristics of Cooking Tank for Milk
Cooking tanks for milk are made by high quality stainless steel. It has inner tank and outer tank. The place between inner tank and outer tank are filled with polyurethane. Polyurethane is an isolation matter which is quite strong that the tank’s temperature decreases 1 C degree every 24 hours when the tank’s system was off. There should be a sensitive thermometer inside the inner tank to monitor the milk’s temperature. There are two basic types of cooking tank for milk. These are horizontal and vertical tanks. Vertical tanks are functional for small milk farms because of their system. Horizontal tanks are more functional for big businesses such as fabricates. Because horizontal tanks are adjustable for transportations, too. These tanks have 4, 6 or 8 adjustable legs. These legs are regulatable for any kind of surfaces that the farm has. These tanks have an agitator which is for stirring the milk. This system makes the milk equally in the same temperature by a system of stirring. All the tanks should have at least one of these. In addition to these, every tank has a cleaning or washing system which is used after every time they use the tank. In these washing systems, it is used hot and cold water and alkaline chemicals to clean it.

The tank must be cleaned after every use. Most of these cleaning systems are automatically. Apart from these, every cooking tank for milk must have control boxes. These control boxes are for many different uses. You can manage the temperature of the inner and outer tank from this control box. You can monitor the milk’s temperature from here. You can also access the cleaning options from here or you can close, reboot, and open the tank’s system from control box. You can adjust the stirring from control boxes, too.