Milk Cooling Tanks 500 LT

A milk cooling tank 500 LT. is a storage tool for cooling the milk and keeping the milk in a stable temperature? Milk cooling tanks are also known as bulk tanks, too. These storage tools are usually used in dairy farms or other milk content firms. There are two different types of milk cooling tanks. These are vertical and horizontal tanks. It can be different sizes according to different types of use such as 500 LT, 1000 LT or 1500 … Readmore»

Milk Cooling Tank 200 LT

Milk cooling tank 200 LT is a storage tool to keep raw milk in stable temperature. These cooling tanks are also known as bulk tanks. Raw milk can be easily exposed to harmful germ if it does not keep in good condition. Milk’s good condition degree is 3 to 4 centimetre if it is not for cheese production. For cheese producing, the temperature must be 12 C degree. These cooling tanks are made of high-quality stainless steel. There are two … Readmore»

Milk Cooling Tank 100 LT

Raw milk is a type of natural product from cows, sheep, camels, buffaloes or goats, is a highly nutritive – rich product. This important natural product has been harvested by humankind since we discovered it and its benefits. Modern times came with modern solutions. Because of this, the milk cooling tank 100 LT has an important role and solution for farmer’s daily problems and concerns. Because of this, the milk cooling tanks could be various. Warm raw fresh milk must … Readmore»

Milk Cooler Tank for Sale

For those who is looking for milk cooler tank for sale must first get to know about milk cooling tanks. Milk cooling tank is also known as bulk tank which is a storage for raw milk to keep it in good condition. Raw milk can easily get exposed to the harmful germs. So, it should be preserved with care. The milk should be immediately preserved after milking to keep it in good condition. Milk cooling tanks are used in dairy … Readmore»

Cooling Tank for Milk

Cooling tank for milk is also known as bulk tanks. Milk cooling tanks are is a storage to keep the mink in cold temperature and cool them until the milk is delivered. These cooling tanks are indispensable equipment for dairy farms and milk producers. It is made of stainless steel and there are two version of cooling tank for milk which is horizontal and vertical. It can be either property of the milk farm or rented from somewhere. In any … Readmore»

15 Gallon Milk Cooling Tank

Our times farm and farmers have problems and concern. On the other hand, they have modern solutions to their problems. Warm raw fresh milk must ideally be cooled fastly after milking with a milk cooling system to prevent spoilage and preserve quality. Exactly in this part, the milk cooling tanks help farmers to prevent spoilage and preserve the quality of milk. Because of this, the 15-gallon milk cooling tank has an important role and solution for farmer’s daily problems and … Readmore»

Milk Cooling Tanks for Sale

Our factory has milk cooling tanks for sale for large and small farms. People drink milk and eat dairy products every day for their health and milk is one of the fundamental sources of nutrition for the families so milk must be protected in convenient tanks in order not to be spoiled. Milk production and marketing is an important area in the food industry and the producers who cool the milk and deliver it in appropriate hygiene standards can find … Readmore»

Milk Cooling Tanks

Milk cooling system is a clean product that combines the compressor with the milk cooling tanks and uses the principle of compressor cooling to cool, cool and store the materials in the tank. It can be widely used in a variety of situations that require low-temperature cooling, which performs on-site cooling effect. Milk is a kind of natural product from cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep or camels, is a highly nutritive product. It has been harvested by people since we discovered … Readmore»

Milk Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are structures that are utilized for squander water transfer where there is no sewage framework and development is unimaginable. Septic tank, additionally called antibacterial tank, is a fixed pre-treatment supply that gets residential waste water from individual or gathering abodes and is intended to permit the capacity and rot of natural issue before the fluid part is discharged from the pool. Milk Septic Tanks likewise utilized for pre-treatment. The decontamination of the outpouring waters ought to be finished … Readmore»

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