Milk Bulk Tanks

After milking, it is transferred from milking machines to milk bulk tanks in order not to lose the beneficial bacteria it contains. These tanks are available in two types, horizontal and vertical. Milk tanks are usually made of stainless steel. There are open or closed types of tanks. The capacities of open tanks range from 150 liters to 3000 liters. The capacities of closed tanks vary between 1000 liters and 10000 liters. The costs of tanks vary depending on their … Readmore»

Milk Bulk Tanks for Sale

Milk Bulk Tanks for Sale, also known as milk cooling tanks, have 2 shells to keep the milk cold. Between these two shells, there is a polycarbonate foam providing insulation. Thanks to this feature, tanks can maintain milk at 1 degree for 24 hours in air at 30 degrees in case of a power failure.There are agitator in the tanks. These mixers ensure that the milk remains homogeneous and that the temperature of the milk is equal.The legs carrying the … Readmore»

Aluminium Milk Tanks

Aluminium Milk Tanks use for intermediate storage. These are automated aseptic tanks. Milk tanks use for separate units and present effective conditions for UHT milk products. Aluminium Milk Tanks Working PrinciplesAluminium milk tanks are sterilized with steam at 125 C degrees. Then cold water is circulated to cool the tank. Sterile air in the tank prevents vacuum formation inside the tank while cooling the tank. In the production stage, the empty space remaining on the milk is filled with sterile … Readmore»

Dairy Milk Tanks

Milks have got lots of useful bacteria for human health. So the most important thing when storing milk is keep milk cold. Dairy milk tanks are used to keep milk cold. Tanks are important to keep milk nutrition and prevent milk spoilage. Dairy Milk Tanks has lots of size from 100 litres to 150000 litres. The reason for the existence of so many sizes is that their intended use is high. Milk tanks are generally divided into two categories. Milk … Readmore»

Milk Tanks Capacity

In the last few years, the dairy market has grown rapidly, and a wide range of milk tanks capacity requires efficient processing. A good tank design ensures product durability and low maintenance costs. With our own design, production and quality control, we can control quality as much as possible and guarantee solutions that meet the most stringent requirements for both liquids and liquids in terms of hygiene, product durability, safety and ease of use. Solids. Installation, testing and start-up of … Readmore»

Milk Storage Tanks

Milk tanks are used for many purposes. It ranges from 150,000 liters for hopper tanks at the front desk to about 100 liters for the smallest tanks. Stainless steel milk storage tanks are made of 100% AISI 304 stainless steel according to required capacity. It is designed according to desired storage type. 600 l, 1000 l or as you requested. Inputs and outputs of the product can be adjusted as needed. It has adjustable feet. Milk cooling tanks are specially … Readmore»

Milk Silo Tanks

Milk tanks are insulated tanks for storing raw milk. They are usually stored in large vertical milk silo tanks (bunkers) with a volume of 500 m3. With the help of side mixers, it acts to prevent the formation of raw milk cream. The angular bottom provides a good output. The heat transfer surface draws more heat from the milk at the same time than other tanks and creates a higher cooling surface which provides optimum cooling with a smaller amount … Readmore»

Milk Process Tank Prices

Our company, which is among the leading companies in the sector, is the supplier of Milk Cooling Tanks. Milk cooling tanks are produced according to international quality standards and are manufactured using 100% polished stainless steel raw material. High quality and craftsmanship guarantee your trouble-free investment for many years. In our productions made in accordance with all hygiene and health conditions, an efficient and high quality production process is provided by using advanced technological equipments. By excellent business experts in … Readmore»

Milk Process Tank Manufacturer

We offer our customers a wide range of high quality Milk Equipment spread throughout the country. Our product range is widely used in various dairy industries to produce a wide variety of dairy products such as Liquid milk, High heated milk, Cheese milk, Yogurt milk, Kefir milk and others. As a Milk Process Tank Manufacturer, our milk tanks, which are designed according to quality standards and designed by expert teams considering all hygiene rules, are made entirely of stainless steel … Readmore»

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