Aluminium Milk Tanks

Aluminium Milk Tanks use for intermediate storage. These are automated aseptic tanks. Milk tanks use for separate units and present effective conditions for UHT milk products. Aluminium milk tanks are sterilized with steam at 125 C degrees. Then cold water is circulated to cool the tank. Sterile air in the tank prevents vacuum formation inside the tank while cooling the tank. In the production stage, the empty space remaining on the milk is filled with sterile air. The pressure is adjusted automatically to maintain the feed during production. Agitator can be added to the tanks to separate the products during storage. In addition, the agitator in the tanks provide equalization of the temperature of the products. There is a control panel on the aluminium milk tanks to direct the product flow, sterile air, cleaning fluids and steam. A steam barrier at 110 degrees is used to prevent contamination of the product.

Aluminium milk tanks are cleaned by the central CIP system. Tanks are manufactured to be explosion-proof. Because the tanks are cleaned first at high temperatures and then cooled. Tanks are manufactured according to European standards. However, the tanks can also be manufactured in accordance with the required codes if requested by the customers. In one of the three legs of the tank, there are cells that allow the measurement of the milk in the tank. Information from these cells can be read from the panel. All the operator has to do is start the tank sterilization, production and CPS process steps. Warehouse use is automatic in all remaining operations. In addition, production locks have been shipped to the product to ensure safety. Milk tanks are operated with a self-programmable control panel.

Basic Module
• The main features of aluminium milk tanks are vertical tanks with cooling jackets, milk tanks with three legs have adjustable balls on both legs, cells are also loaded on one of the legs, the manhole and manhole cover are also included in the basic module.
• In addition to these features of milk tanks are found in frame-mounted equipment. These equipment’s are frame-mounted pre-assembled valves, sterile air filters, safety device, air pressure equipment for emptying the tank, end valve cluster and control panel.
• The control system with 5-inch touch screen works with Allen-Bradley Logix or Siemens S7 programs, finally, integrated in aluminium milk tanks, cooling water, air and CIP liquids are available.