Milk Storage Tanks

Milk tanks are used for many purposes. It ranges from 150,000 liters for hopper tanks at the front desk to about 100 liters for the smallest tanks. Stainless steel milk storage tanks are made of 100% AISI 304 stainless steel according to required capacity. It is designed according to desired storage type. 600 l, 1000 l or as you requested. Inputs and outputs of the product can be adjusted as needed. It has adjustable feet. Milk cooling tanks are specially designed and manufactured considering the specific requirements of a dairy farm. We offer flexible tanks to cool milk for every need: from small hand-held open tanks with a volume of 330 liters to fully automatic horizontal tanks of various sizes and large vertical tank hoppers with volumes up to 40,000 liters. With our control units and cooling units, milk cooling tanks offer a flexible and flexible modular solution to your individual needs. Our milk storage tanks work with all available milking systems on the market – in other words, our tanks are suitable for everyone. Since we have all the connections necessary for all types of robotic milking systems, you can invest in the AMS system of your choice and still be free to choose a milk cooling tank.

Key Features Of Milk Storage Tanks
• AISI 304 high quality stainless steel, A 1.0 mm Ep type laser welded by a 1.2 mm dowel base and attached to a wall has a cooler evaporator surface.
• The insulated tank is 2 mm in tanks with a capacity of 5000 l – 12000 l, the cooling unit and tank body are mounted on the same chassis, 6000-12000 liter milk storage tanks have 2 0.34 hp. 33d / d transmission and stainless steel mixer connected to it.
• The insulation is 60 mm thick and is insulated with a high density, HCFC-free aqueous foam material, the outlet pipe DN 50 is a butterfly valve with external thread, there is a manhole cover in AISI 304 stainless steel with a diameter of 500 mm on top, the manhole cover has an inlet for a 100 mm diameter product, the Ø 90 ventilation grille above, there is a manual measurement table with a calculation table with a precision coefficient of 3% to 4%, this is a quality AISI 304 ladder that prevents slipping, design in the form of zero liquid during unloading.
• Welded areas – Argon TIG 1st class welder and 1st class smooth polishing, the platform has adjustable foot bolts, cooling group, fast and freezing ice cream with minimum milk, minimum amount of gas charged, one 404 gas cooled, milk cooling tanks allow each milking to be cooled to an ambient temperature of 35 to 4 ° C (32 to 38 ° C), the compressor includes a solenoid valve, an expansion valve, a drier, a sight glass, a liquid retainer and valves, direct cooling system, optional design 2 l, 4 l, 6 l milking system, electrical group, IP 65 Enclosures, work with 380 volts, temperature display with digital thermometer.

Special design, easy to use electronic control panel for controlling tank, milk temperature control, electronic milk measurement, washing system and menus. In the event of an electronic system malfunction, cooling can be continued by turning it to the manual position. To prevent tobacco from freezing, an additional electromechanical safety system set at 1.5-2 ° C is installed.