Automatic Mozzarella Cheese Machine

The technique of cheese preparation is typical for most types of cheese as well as for deep processing of milk. We follow this path by investing in sustainable technology, not everyday solutions. Our goal is to increase our existing standards in new markets with enthusiasm and opportunities in new markets.


  • Possibility to sell cheese products according to individual recipes.
  • To produce more than one type of cheese and other products in the same production line.
  • High quality of final product, while increasing nutritional value.
  • Comprehensive customization of the final product.
  • Maximum efficiency, minimum production waste.
  • Maximum energy savings thanks to the most advanced technologies.
  • Complete line control system following every step of the process.
  • Record, visualize and print all daily production data.
  • Including packing process, bag, box or others are available.

Depending on the hardness of the cheese, various speakers can be equipped with gears or blades for optimal slicing. The cheese is passed through the gears / blades using a gear motor. The cheese block is transported smoothly, which leads to accurate and clean cuts and ensures the best processing of each cheese block with automatic mozzarella cheese machine.

It consists of two machines: boiling, kneading automatic mozzarella cheese machine and weighing machine. The screw, kneading chamber and weighing mozzarella cheese machining contact with the product in the machine are coated with Teflon.
• Other parts that meet the product are polished.
• Screw motors are frequency adjustable.
• Temperature settings are digital.
• Steam is pneumatically controlled. Double piston accelerates the work.
• The automatic mozzarella cheese machine has protection for moving parts.
• Does not harm employees.
• The hot water pump is made of stainless steel and is not affected by salt water.
• The machine is easy to remove, install and clean.
• Power: 4,5 kW
• Steam: 2 bar, 65 kg / h

Cheese is a versatile food product with a wide range of flavours, textures and end uses. Most of the cheese is eaten as a part of other foods, not on its own. As a component in food products, cheese should exhibit functional properties, both raw and boiled. Melting, stretching, free fat formation, elasticity and thickening are important functional properties for Mozzarella cheese.

When cheese is designed for end use, some of its unique properties play an important role in the acceptability of products. For example, the pH of a cheese determines the structure of the cheese, which determines the chopping ability and solubility. The residual galactose content in the cheese mass determines the tendency of cheese to brown during cooking.

Automatic Cheese Production Line
Spring cheese is also a very popular daily snack for children, so it is highly recommended for children to look for excellent cleaning, not only as food but also as an object to play with.

In response to the demand for cheese production in the dairy market, it offers a variety of solutions to meet all needs. With the automatic mozzarella cheese machine series, you can produce “analog cheese den not only from“ traditional twine cheese den of milk and cottage cheese, but also from powdered ingredients such as rennet or modified starch. With this line, our customers can produce wire cheese of fixed diameter and adjustable length. Thanks to its innovative features, the automatic twine cheese production line saves energy and costs, and achieves higher productivity in less time, reducing manual work.

A special extrusion system allows you to obtain separate parallel cheese cables. Thanks to this special extrusion system, the structure of the product has an ideal shape and a predetermined weight, while peeling and a stable texture are guaranteed.
The cooling system consists of independent transport channels for each cheese wire. The yarn will spray cold / salt water onto the nozzles as the cheese progresses. The water temperature will be controlled by a plate heat exchanger.