Mozzarella Cheese Machine

It is an automatic unit for cooling and transporting mozzarella in small formats, and is equipped with AISI304 stainless steel tubes placed on top of the column to avoid space problems. In order to transport Mozzarella, the molding mozzarella cheese machine is connected to the conveyor belt with a capacity of 1000 kg / h LAB 24/40 and the first “shower cleaning” is performed to remove excess oil from the mozzarella.

Mozzarella Special Forms
The automatic molding machine is suitable for molding specially shaped mozzarella cheese of your choice.
It is made entirely of AISI304 stainless steel and is equipped with a machine body with an axis and a hopper with a roll that rotates four screws at a variable speed at the bottom and has the impression that it is shaped with a predetermined weight.
The machine is equipped with an electrically heated jacket that allows the product to be stored continuously at the ideal molding temperature.
The mozzarella cheese machine is equipped with a temperature controller
The walls in contact with the product are completely Teflon coated so that they do not stick.
The design of the machine allows you to visually check every detail immediately, as well as wash it quickly and easily.
The forming roller and screws are speed controlled and controlled by two variable speed drive motors with INVERTER.

Syncro Automatic Cooling and Cooling Line
A molding system having an automatic molding mozzarella cheese machine and discharging the product in several forms with a continuous conveying system in a tunnel with air.
Innovative solution for high productivity per hour.
Inclination system for emptying molds and products in the pickling line.
System for transporting molds to the filling section.
Location of the entire line to the CIP washing system.

This washing room is designed for washing / rinsing transport trolleys and trolleys for ripening and drinking cheeses.
In addition to providing effective cleaning, the washing room of our production will significantly save detergent and rinse water.
This cleaning room is designed to wash / rinse 1 or 2 cars at a time.

Equipped with:

  • The mozzarella cheese machine can be made through the entrance / exit door or two doors, so that the cars do not meet the dirty area with a clean area of the study rooms.
  • Grid base to clean liquid outlet
  • high pressure nozzle washing system
  • a rubber to lock the doors (for operator safety, it prevents the door from opening one minute before the end of the wash)
  • heat exchanger for heating water with steam