Second Hand Mozzarella Cheese Making Machine

You can find second hand mozzarella cheese making machine in many countries of the world. But these machines are the products that need to be carefully examined and purchased because of the high usage and depreciation. The machines we have are firstly checked and purchased by highly professional experts in their work and have all the necessary maintenance done and run smoothly. In fact, in this second-hand market where you can normally come up with very high prices, when a careful research is done, you can see that the products we sell are very high quality, long-lasting and durable. Briefly, we sell recognised and accepted second hand mozzarella cheese making machines throughout the world. Besides the machines, you can supply the replacement parts of these machines such as: all augers and seals’,hot-water tanks and the heat-exchangers, all motor-gears, all pumps, electrical boards, Circuits, PLC controllers.

Technical Features
As you know the mozzarella cheese goes through some stages as: raw material, clarification, cream separation, pasteurization, homogenization, degassing, fermentation, blending, filling flow procedure and stretching. Our second hand mozzarella cheese machines has the high standard designed and produced to ensure the all production lines’ requirements. With PLC control unit you can save from labor force with everything is automatically controlled. And certainly hygiene as one of the most important points, automatic self-cleaning unit and safety requirements are the pros of our machine. It has whey cooling and whey transport channel to cool down the formed mozzarella cheese in high hygienic conditions.This machine constructed using stainless steel, and featured with teflon non-stick materials coating on augers, mixing arms and the machine body. And also it is heat insulated, off-center vertical agitator, conical head, airtight manhole, breather valve, digital readout thermometer, anti-eddy baffle,supporters with adjustable feet.

It is equipped with turning typed for easy pouring out cheese, with sharp cutting knives, made of acid-resistant steel. Mechanical agitator is made of sanitary construction. It has also automatic whey draining and turning over unit. The heating curd system of with hot water is enable. The system spreads the water onto the whole surface. Besides it has dynamic temperature adjustment and measurement panel. Mozzarella cheese vat is the necessary equipment for processing different kinds of cheese. And the most important parts of this kind of machines. So our machine has the vat with jacket for heating and temperature keeping, or cooling to certain temperature for the milk becomes rigid. Our second hand mozzarella cheese making machine is under the guarantee of our company and we provide a wide range of service and maintenance services are available.