Automatic Mozzarella Forming Machine

Pre-cooked dough is fed into the automatic mozzarella forming machine. The product is advanced by a screw system to a rotating system. The proposed form can be obtained by modifying the form table. The product is discharged into a cooling pool under its packaging. Pre-cooked dough is fed into the machine. The product is developed using screws and knitted by a mechanical system. The straw cheese is improved on the cooling conveyor and cut to the desired length. The product is discharged into the cooling pool in front of the conveyor and stored ready for packaging. The surfaces in contact with the product are made of certified and AISI 316 stainless steel sheets and the other surfaces are made of certified and AISI 304 stainless steel Mozzarella molding machine is used to mold the cheese dough obtained from cooking and stretching automatic mozzarella forming machine.

Injection Molding Machine
A compact machine suitable for small businesses, measuring dimensions with double (two) screws, aiming to automate the cheese molding process while continuing its diversified and small handmade production. Scamorza, wire and pear in the form of balls of different sizes A slice, disc, heart, medallion, diary, nut, ostekpok or other special forms of a special type of cheese such as mozzarella Pizza cheese, provolon, Qashqal, suluguni, cylindrical or brick products up to the vault, up to 3 kg. The fat milk is drained from the side of the tub equipped with a strainer with a cushion. When the cheese is stretched, the movable locking device of the mixing tank is removed and enters the cheese molding section; this section consists of a curved screw which moves the cheese from the food grade plastic into the cylindrical die drum.

The mold and auger speed can be optimally adjusted to achieve the final cheese type thanks to the motor-type variator-reducer. On the cylindrical surface of the drum, there are several cavities that negatively correspond to the shape of the product with automatic mozzarella forming machine. Before the cheese is fed into the mold, the filament paste passes through the press tool, so that it is possible to obtain cheese at different humidity according to the operator’s specific requirements. The machine is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel (UNI X 5 Cr Ni 18 10) and is extremely safe, easily replaceable, easy to use and clean.

The Ability To Work With Cottage
Cheese from various production technologies (by biological, chemical or mixed fermentation) gives the machine the opportunity to buy different types of cheeses. The cottage cheese, manually placed in a vertical chamber, is cut into small pieces with a cutter with a rotating disc capable of adjusting the thickness of the cut by affecting the position of the blades. The cut product enters the mixing bath, where it is precisely stretched by a tensile system with immersion arms; The hot water required for stretching is supplied to the top of the boiler by means of a self-priming pressure pump and a corresponding automatic mozzarella forming machine.