Mozzarella Forming Machine Equipment

Machine for continuous cooking, stretching and moulding modes. The compact 200 is characterized by its compact size, ease of use, excellent production flexibility and excellent performance for small and medium-sized dairies. The mozzarella forming machine equipment consists of cottage cheese, in which the cottage cheese blocks are cut to the desired length using rotary blades mounted on a cutting disc at an adjustable speed. The cottage cheese slices from the cottage cheese are fed continuously to the heating-cooking section. In this section, the cottage cheese is fed forward using an adjustable speed screw and the hot water prepared in a special tank placed in the machine is heated and humidified by continuous addition. Temperature, water quantity and water level can be adjusted. In the next section, the tension-kneading of the product is carried out by mechanical movement of the tension arms at variable speed. Also, in this section, you can adjust the water flow and quantity depending on the product being processed.

The mozzarella forming machine equipment then passes through a special outlet pipe and is continuously fed into a moulding machine designed to produce spherical mozzarella or other products of various shapes and / or sizes. The stretching and forming machine is completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel, the parts in contact with the product are treated with Teflon approved for the food industry. Depending on the source of milk or cream, cheese can be classified as being obtained from cow’s milk, sheep’s milk, goat’s milk and buffalo milk. To better understand the different types of packaging for cheese, you need to classify the products into seven main categories:

Half-Ring Wheels Or Cheese
Planed and chopped Cheese, liquid, stored in mozzarella forming machine equipment. Different packaging, general requirements Cheese is packaged in different ways, depending on the country and the degree of development of the country and how it is eaten. Different types of cheese require different types of packaging: Flexible packaging bags made using horizontal coatings or vertical filling and sealing machines using barrier films, shrink films or BDF films.
Bags that cut the perimeter of the product, thermoformed trays made using thermoforming machines, vacuum packaging, packaging system (modified atmosphere packaging), speak lockable package types lockable package types, regardless of the many uses of packaging cheese, a few requirements must be observed to preserve all the original organoleptic, physical, aromatic and flavour properties of a fresh mozzarella forming machine equipment.