Mozzarella Forming Machine

With a variety of models to suit any dairy product, we offer a range of automatic feeders. The turbulence created in the loading bath prevents the accumulation of cheese, which helps to fill the corresponding containers without damaging the mozzarella. You can adjust the loading speed according to the shock of the packaging mozzarella forming machine by working only on the control panel. In addition, all removable parts are removed without the use of special tools.

Automatic Washing Devices
The automatic mozzarella loader can be automatically sterilized by connecting it to your CIP installation. The bulk conveyor device consists of the following parts:
Fully coated dosing conveyor with easily opened stainless steel panel.
Set of washing diffusers connected by special pipes.
Manual valve flow control.
Temporary electric pump for supply and return of disinfectant solution.
The wash control is mounted on the control panel.

Stainless Steel Discharge and Filters
Simple single feed dispensers for only one product size with 80 continuous and guaranteed operating speeds per minute Several feeders, several skips for one or more product sizes with a loading speed of 80 to 300 parts per minute Cherry mozzarella feeders 8/10 grams, counting up to 200 pieces per minute In order to receive compensation for possible missing mozzarella (patented DIMA system) in case of multiple packages or unloading in more than one package, special and personalized feeders for the specific needs of feeders with various loading races, each equipped with independent movement and control, thus ensuring complete automation of the loading system in mozzarella forming machine.

Special systems to meet all your production needs and requirements.
Fully automated system (without manual transport of the product)
Production capacity is adjusted to customer needs.
However, internal and hygienic design that monitors the operator’s process monitoring by monitoring the latest industrial hygiene and safety with mozzarella forming machine. Mozzarella production line with different capacities between 80 kg / h and 1800 kg / h. Suitable for stretching both fresh and industrial blocks of cottage cheese, buffalo cheese, powder content.


  • Less heating and stretching times by injecting steam into the jacket.
  • More production in the final product compared to conventional hot water systems
  • All the added water is absorbed by the product during steam stretching because there will not be any more purified oily liquid.
  • Significant energy savings due to low steam consumption
  • Stretching by direct steam injection to the product or shirt
  • To be able to use fresh and industrial cheese, powder, spices and aroma substances.
  • Standardization of moisture in the final product
  • Ease of use of the machine thanks to the recipes set on the PLC to control production materials.
  • Cooling in cold water or brine.
    Our mozzarella forming machine takes its name from the fact that it easily pours steam on cheese.