Cheese curd vat provide us to obtain curd cheese by boiling whey (PAS) that is obtained as byproduct as a result of producing firm and semi-firm cheeses. There is steam internal wall around the tank. The tank does baking operation thanks to steam and it has been manufactured isolated system. Cheese curd vat have been manufactured from first-class stainless steel totally AISI 304/316 quality as appropriate TSE food standing rules. It is manufactured between 2000 LT and 6000 LT optionally. There is digital heat indicator in our IP65 protection class board. Our cheese curd vat can be cleaned with CIP unit.

The AISI 304 stainless steel outer holding structure is available, supporting two rectangular boilers for the collection, drainage and pressing of the curd cheese. Unit AISI 304 has been manufactured from stainless steel and it consists of front and rear filter. Pressing system consists of AISI 304 perforated sheet and pneumatic cylinder.

Note: The thickness of the body walls and insulation of the products varies according to the product and may vary according to the customer’s wishes and usage purpose. Upon request, we can produce special sizes and orders according to our customer’s needs.