Heat of milk is increased the fermentation temperature by heating in cheese process tank and it is fermented in this tank. After that, milk which becomes curd is cut thanks to special mixers in the tank. Cheese process tank is manufactured from AISI 304/136 quality first class stainless steel as appropriate to food regulations. It has double internal walls and there is double CIP head and cap in the inner part. There is digital heat indicator and speed control device on our IP65 protection class panel. Hard and half-hard cheese process tanks are manufactured as between 500 LT and 10.000 LT optionally. The most important factor on process tanks is mixing and curd cutting system which exists in tank. Mixing and curd system affects the productivity of the product. The system works as bidirectional and consists of crushing systems.

One way of the crusher is formed from sharpened mouth. Its purpose is to cut the curds better without wearing. The other way is formed from dynamic paunch mats as mixing the curds. Temperature control is done from control system. Opportunity to work is offered in the form of automation by using PLC system optionally. At the same time, automatic water intake systems can be applied to tanks optionally. The product’s panel is stainless steel and it is not affected from water and steam. With the help of cheese process tank’s platform, the curds’ gliding to basin or tambour easily is provided. The tank has high strength stainless platform that is genuine to its design and portable walking stepladder. Practical using, special stainless valve is existed at product output. The tank is constituted over box profile platform.

Note: The thickness of the body walls and insulation of the products varies according to the product and may vary according to the customer’s wishes and usage purpose. Upon request, we can produce special sizes and orders according to our customer’s needs.