They are the units which are preferred in milk accumulation centers or milk intake units of large-scale businesses. Keeping the milk that will be consumed or will be used for merchandise production in cold chain till the moment it will be got into production is very critical point in terms of preventing microbial development and obtaining the desired quality at last product. Horizontal milk cooling tanks are the ones that milk is stored and enable to storage opportunity at high level. Their capacity is 10.000 LT and all of them are produced from AISI 304 stainless steel. Cooling process decreases the temperature of milk that is 35C0 or above to +4C0.

During the storing process, there is mixer engine that aims to prevent fat formation on upper layer and protect milk’s homogenous structure without causing foaming. Cooling mechanism is designed as cooling cow, ship and goat milks in the foreseen time period and to protect them at this temperature. Moreover, internal cleaning is done automatically in automatic milk cooling tanks. They are also automatic in terms of working. When necessary, the products provide their internal cleaning automatically.

Note: The thickness of the body walls and insulation of the products varies according to the product and may vary according to the customer’s wishes and usage purpose. Upon request, we can produce special sizes and orders according to our customer’s needs.