Milk transport tankers are the insulated tanks which are used to transport the milk from gathering ground to engraving thesis, do not have self cooling or heating system. Milk transport tankers are produced from AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel as convenient to transport milk and every kind of liquid nourishment according to the special accessories as appropriate to food. This product’s design is made and its manufacture is done according to the customer’s request and kind of product. Its manufacture is done according to customer’s request as isolated on platform or with single internal wall depending on capacity demand between 500 LT and 30.000 LT.

Milk transport tank has circle shape that can be mounted on the vehicles according to their transport capacity. They have walking platforms on their surfaces to reach tank hatch. Circle shaped milk transport tanks have CIP ball in each tank. Besides, on the tanks there are airing accessories that send out the air in the tank during discharging of milk. This airing accessory prevents withdraw resulted from air circulation because of sudden discharging of milk in the tank.

Note: The thickness of the body walls and insulation of the products varies according to the product and may vary according to the customer’s wishes and usage purpose. Upon request, we can produce special sizes and orders according to our customer’s needs.