Milk is essential product for vertical milk cooling tank charcuteries and small markets due to the fact that it is deteriorating product in hot weather. Our products are produced with principles that prioritize human health and provide a sale fresh and sterile. You can use milk cooling tanks which are manufactured from stainless steel safely for many years. You will protect your customer’s health with this product which will be good choice for your business.

Cooling unit is mounted from the bottom to the body of the tank. R404A cooling gas is used in cooling tank. First class argon TIG source is used in tank manufacturing and welded surfaces are cleaned in accordance with the standards. Cooling process decreases the temperature of milk whose heat is 35C° or above to +4C°. It has been manufactured from AISI 304 quality stainless steel in accordance with food standing rules. You can use it at any level thanks to configurable foot. It provides safely usage with the distribution boards which have IP 65 protection class.

Note: The thickness of the body walls and insulation of the products varies according to the product and may vary according to the customer’s wishes and usage purpose. Upon request, we can produce special sizes and orders according to our customer’s needs.