The tank used in yogurt production requires sterile equipment standards and high efficiency heat performance. Therefore, with the stainless tank or tank we produce, we pay attention that all of the equipments are first class quality. The fermentation tank is industrial equipment used for microbial fermentation. Yoghurt fermentation tank is used in yoghurt fermentation which is filled by preparing ferment. Yogurt milk which will be used in the production of traditional or creamy yogurt is filled to containers without taking fermentation tanks directly. After containers get cold until fermentation temperature, fermentation process is started by doing fermentation transaction quickly through fermentation tank.

The tank is designed according to AISI 304 quality stainless steel sheet pressurized vessels system. First class argon TIG seam is used in tank manufacturing and welded surfaces are cleaned in accordance with standards. There are pressure manometer, hose jacks and ferment gun in the fermentation tank. Besides its standard capacity is 30 LT, it is manufactured according to the demanded capacity.