Raw Milk Vacuum Packaging Machine

In addition to being pasteurized and packaged in general, milk is in its raw form. It is necessary to provide transportation to the facility where the raw milk will be packaged and pasteurized. In addition, customers who prefer raw milk in the markets buy raw milk and consume it by boiling it with a simple method at home. With its nutritious aspect, milk is a food item that many people love to consume. Raw milk is very difficult to store. … Readmore»

Bacon Vacuum Packaging Machine

With the increase in food products, the variety of food and beverage in the cabinets has increased and accordingly the consumption time of the food has also extended. One of these food products, pastrami, tends to spoil more quickly or emit odor than dry foods. In order to prevent this, a bacon vacuum packaging machine was produced and put into use. The storage period of bacon is four or five days in a normal cooler, while it is one month … Readmore»

Salami Vacuum Packaging Machine

There are some products that are consumed in the morning for breakfast and as snacks on a daily basis. One of them is salami. Salami varieties, on the other hand, have a certain deterioration time. In order to extend this period, a salami vacuum packaging machine has been produced. The vacuum machine extends the life of the salami by making it airtight. There are many varieties of salami. These include products such as turkey salami, pistachio salami, veal salami. The … Readmore»

Meat Vacuum Packaging Machine

Using a meat vacuum packaging machine is the most ideal method to preserve your meat for a long time while preserving the freshness and flavour of the first day. Reducing food waste and spoilage is important to all food processes. Using a meat vacuum packaging machine is a great way to do this. Vacuum packed products can last 3-5 times longer than unpackaged food. You’ll also taste fresher because you’ve removed most of the factors that cause them to break … Readmore»

Salmon Fish Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum packaging machines, which you can use for a long time, have an effect on food as well as long-term service. Vacuum packaging is done in bags used in three dimensions. It has a thicker layer and is economical because it is in the form of a roll. The vacuum packaging machine provides both the appearance of packaging to the food and the longevity of the food. The vacuum machine empties the air of the food in the bag and … Readmore»

Smoked Meat Vacuum Packaging Machine

Smoked meat is one of the most difficult food products to store in the package, like all other meat products. If the correct storage procedures are not followed, smoked meat spoils quickly. Smoked meat vacuum packaging machine is specially designed for this job. This machine, which has been specially developed to store smoked meat in the healthiest way without spoiling and to extend its shelf life, provides great benefits thanks to its vacuum technology. Thanks to the vacuum technology of … Readmore»