Cooking Tank for Milk

Cooking tank for milk also known as bulk tank which is a storage tool for keeping the milk in a stable temperature. It is used in dairy farming and other milk content firms. There are quite different tank types which is both cooking and heating. Raw milk can be easily exposed to harmful germs. The temperature should be 3 to 4 C degree to keep the milk in good condition. So, cooking tank for milk is perfect storage tool for … Readmore»

Industrial Milk Cooking Tank

An industrial milk cooking tank, also it is known as a milk cooler, become of an inner and an outer part of tank, each made by high quality stainless steel. The gap between the inner part and the outer tank is isolated with foam which is polyurethane. In the event of a power failure with an outside temperature of 30 ° C, the contents of the storage will just warm up to one degree within a day. On top of … Readmore»

Stainless Milk Cooking Tank

In usual farming life, a milk cooking tank is a big collector tank for refrigerating and keeping milk at a cold degree until milk is received by a milk vehicle. Bulk milk cooking tank is an important part of dairy farm equipment. It is mostly made by stainless steel and is used each day to collect fresh milk in good condition at the farm. It must be cleaned by user after every collection of milk. milk cooking tank can be … Readmore»