Turkey Vacuum Packaging Machine

Turkey vacuum packaging machine provides great benefits for the user. It is important for the consumer who will buy a turkey to have a long service life. Because when we look at today, turkey is not a very preferred product. For this reason, the consumer decides according to the length of the consumption life when buying a turkey. In addition, it will be very difficult to keep the turkey at home. However, turkeys stored by vacuuming will both last longer … Readmore»

Yogurt Vacuum Packaging Machine

Yogurt, like all other milk and dairy products, contains many natural ingredients. As in all animal and plant foods, these natural components are tried to be rapidly destroyed by nature for recycling. This is a cycle of nature and cannot be avoided. However, this situation creates negative effects especially for those who want to store their food for a long time. In this context, the way to prevent the deterioration of yoghurt is to eliminate the elements that natural components … Readmore»

Fresh Meat Vacuum Packaging Machine

Meat is one of the favourite foods to consume. For this reason, there are different types and characteristics of meat. Preservation of meat is an important consideration. In the old methods, meat is preserved by drying, while in today’s technology, it is preserved by freezing in deep freezers. Another important technique for preserving fresh meat without spoiling is the vacuum technique, which preserves the meat perfectly. It can be kept in all conditions, providing a long storage time. The vacuum … Readmore»

Mozzarella Vacuum Packaging Machine

In the production of many products, making the right and most suitable packaging process due to its nature becomes a necessity in terms of product preservation. Packing in the most appropriate way will extend the shelf life of the product and provide great convenience in transfer processes. Mozzarella products are crispy coated cheese products. Generally frozen packaging is done. Mozzarella is delicate and fragile due to its structure. The most suitable packaging for this product is vacuum packaging. With the … Readmore»

Bologna Sausage Vacuum Packaging Machine

Bologna sausage has become an indispensable part of our breakfasts in our daily lives. It not only decorates breakfast tables, but also barbecues and pizzas. As in the whole food sector, one of the most essential issues in bologna sausage and its packaging is hygiene and health. Sausages go through many stages from their entrance to the factories to their arrival at our table. The most important of these stages is the process of vacuuming the sausages by means of … Readmore»

Chicken Vacuum Packaging Machine

With the development of the food industry, the trust and demand for vacuumed foods is also increasing. Chicken vacuum packaging machine plays an important role in the consumer’s preference of perishable products such as chicken. Because, as the demand for open food products decreased, vacuumed and well-packaged products became the favourite of conscious consumers in terms of both visuality and hygiene. In addition to these, extended shelf life is also important in choosing vacuumed products. Switching to the vacuum system … Readmore»