Chicken Vacuum Packaging Machine

With the development of the food industry, the trust and demand for vacuumed foods is also increasing. Chicken vacuum packaging machine plays an important role in the consumer’s preference of perishable products such as chicken. Because, as the demand for open food products decreased, vacuumed and well-packaged products became the favourite of conscious consumers in terms of both visuality and hygiene. In addition to these, extended shelf life is also important in choosing vacuumed products. Switching to the vacuum system after traditional packaging methods has also considerably reduced the workload on the employees. A great deal of time and energy has been saved in companies that make industrial packaging. The main purpose of the vacuum process is to remove the oxygen in the environment. Many chemical reactions between the inputs of oxygen cause food to deteriorate and rot. For this reason, the main principle of vacuum packaging; It can be said that it is to prevent unwanted reactions by eliminating the oxygen in the environment.

Considerations During Packaging
Although chicken vacuum packaging machine Although it provides convenience in many ways, there are several factors that should be considered. The product should be as cold as possible before packaging because it should be packaged in its smallest volume. Fresh products should always be selected. In this way, a much longer shelf life can be obtained. As with all packaging methods, hygiene is among the most important impact points. With vacuum packaging, physical contact with food is minimized and the hygiene element comes to the fore. Particular attention should be paid to ensure that no foreign matter remains in the package during the vacuuming process.

Why Vacuum Packaging?
Extending the shelf life of products by 5-10 times is among the most important reasons why vacuum packaging is preferred. Apart from this, it is among the advantages of this technique that it is hygienic and that the products prepared almost without human touch are brought directly to the consumer. The fact that the machines are sheet metal and titanium coated makes it possible to use them for many years. In addition to preventing mould and decay, vacuumed food; We can say that it preserves its original state in terms of colour and taste.

Usage Areas of Vacuum Packaging Machines
From an industrial perspective, the introduction of vacuum packaging machines is a very important step for the food industry. Thanks to these machines, food meets the consumer in the most hygienic way possible. In addition to the hygiene advantage resulting from this process, we can say that it affects the shelf life and the deterioration time of the products. Thanks to the vacuuming process, the shelf life of foods is extended much more based on the complete cessation of contact with air.
Apart from the food sector, we see vacuum packages mostly in the textile industry. Vacuum packages, which many of us use to save space in their homes, can be shown as the simplest example of their use in the textile industry. All these advantages show us the functionality of vacuum packaging processes and how reliable it is in terms of hygiene and deterioration time.