Finger Sausage Vacuum Packaging Machine

Since the finger sausage vacuum packaging machine packs meat and meat products, it is essential to make it more meticulously during the process compared to other food products. The vacuuming process is generally the process of drawing air into the product by the machine so that there is absolutely no air left, and withdrawing it until it resets again. In this way, the formation of bacteria in the product, which does not contain air, is prevented, and human health is protected by extending the shelf and life of the product. Especially since the packages of Finger sausage products are vertical cut, the possibility of getting air from the nose increases. In this case, manufacturers complete the packaging and vacuuming process with some improvements. For example, thick-packed packaging can be given as an example.

Desktop Vacuum Machines
It provides fast and hygienic packaging of small quantities and small size products, which operate on gas and do not have gas properties, and can be added later. Desktop vacuum machines are lower in terms of features than industrial type machines and the product processing volume is lower, so they are much more affordable machines. These products are sold in the market at affordable prices. Desktop finger sausage vacuum packaging machine with single jaw and double jaw options can also pack some food products besides sausage. It is a model that is generally preferred by homes and small businesses with low production volume.

Small and Medium Size Business Vacuum Machines with Foot
These models, which are another type of finger sausage vacuum packaging machine, are products designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Compared to desktop machines, it provides much more effective production by providing more movement area at the points where manpower is needed. As the name suggests, they are machines that can stand still and stand upright. In these machines, gas and gasless options, single and double jaw options are offered.

Double Sided Vacuum Machines
The most important and functional product that should come to mind when it comes to finger sausage vacuum packaging machine is undoubtedly the industrial type double-sided vacuum machines. These machines are designed to handle high volume fabrication throughput. Packing and loading are done simultaneously in these machines, which have hoppers on the right and left. It has an adhesive jaw. It is offered for sale with or without gas. Gasless models have the option of connecting gas as an option. Our company, which manufactures finger sausage vacuum packaging machine, has a voice in the sector in the country and has taken important steps towards branding. Our self-confidence has increased even more due to our prestige, experience and trust in us in the sector, and we did not find our sales sufficient in the country, and this led to the need to open up to foreign markets. Our company is preferred because of its after-sales services, spare parts manufacturing and keeping it in stock for many years.