MAP Packaging Machine Features

MAP, which is the abbreviation of modified atmosphere packaging, is based on adjusting the ratios of gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide in the package to extend the shelf life of the food. The purpose of the packages produced for MAP packaging is to prevent air intrusion into the package and to prevent the adjusted gas ratio from leaking out. Today, with the developing technology, many products used in the production sector are produced using high technology. These are the products produced using technology in packages. Thanks to these packages, the service life of the food is extended. In addition, it is a very useful method for keeping the product fresh. MAP packaging machines are especially used for frozen food packaging and preservation. While these packages are being designed, they are designed to prevent the product from overflowing while closing the product. When the MAP packaging machine features are investigated, it will be seen that it is very useful.

This packaging method ensures that food products such as cheese varieties, red or white meats and processed meat can be stored more freshly. The use of specially produced packaging will provide protection against ultraviolet rays from outside. The top of the package is stabilized by heat. These packages are anti-fog products. It appears very clearly in the product. Packages have an easy-to-open feature. The colour range is multiple. It has a high degree of heat adhesion for wet and humid environments. Another of the most important features of this packaging method is the use of MAP method instead of using additives to extend the shelf life. This is also very important for health. When the MAP packaging machine is considered in terms of its features, it will be seen that it is an indispensable product for the food industry.

Advantages of MAP Packaging Machine
The MAP packaging machine is a product that provides many advantages for the food industry. The product put in these packages can be provided fresh for a very long time. The product will maintain its original state thanks to the gases used while shutting down. This product, which emerged with the combination of the food industry and technology, is widely used today thanks to both its features and advantages. MAP packaging machine features contribute to the food industry. The products offered with the MAP packaging system provide a serious competitive advantage as they are presented in a sterilized manner.

What is MAP Packaging?
MAP packaging is defined as changing the normal air in nature using some method and putting it in a package by combining it with food. The coupling method is generally carried out at low levels. Without using any additives, only the gas ratios are changed and the product life is tried to be extended. Shelf life can also be extended by an air method created using some methods in packaged products. The use of MAP packaging is a very beneficial system for both the producer and the consumer. The MAP packaging machine features create a value with the benefits it provides. Although this value is very important in the food sector, it is seen that these machines are used in every field.