MAP Packaging Machine Prices

Before giving information about MAP packaging machine prices, it is necessary to give information such as what a MAP packaging machine is, how it is manufactured, where it is used. In this article, we will address these issues. With the MAP technology, which stands for modified atmosphere packaging, it can be ensured that the products that are consumed quickly, especially in the food sector, and that have the feature of perishable, remain fresh and healthy for a long time by extending the storage life. The outside air cannot get in, the atmosphere gases inside cannot get out, this is the basic logic in the MAP packaging process. How is the process applied to keep the products fresh for a long time?

What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging?
Unlike conventional vacuum packaging machines, the MAP packaging machine uses various food gases to keep the indoor air balanced in order to prevent bacterial formation in the packaged product. In summary, the process is; It is the process of completely purifying the product from the air and packaging it by giving food gas instead of air. After this gas is given, the amount of carbon dioxide in the package increases and the increased amount of carbon dioxide affects the freshness of the products for a long time. MAP packaging machine prices vary depending on the technology used in these machines. In addition, products that can stay fresh for a long time can be transported to much longer distances. They facilitate the consumption of sliced food products and ensure that ready-made and frozen products remain on the market shelves for a long time without spoiling. MAP packaging machines are preferred in specially insulated packages to prevent the gases in the atmosphere from volatilizing over time. Thanks to the odorless and transparently packaged products, it is clearly seen by the customer and increases the attractiveness of the purchase.

What are the Advantages of Modified Atmosphere Packaging?
• Since it is a food gas packaging method, it stays fresh for a long time, its taste and colour do not change,
• Due to their longevity, they can be found in the markets more,
• They can travel long distances and reach more centres.
• Since MAP packaging is more serial than conventional packaging, it further reduces the market price of the product.

How Much Are the Prices of MAP Packaging Machines
MAP packaging machine prices are determined in connection with the features and functionality of the machine. While MAP packaging machines manufactured for amateur small-scale businesses are sold at affordable prices, fully automatic multi-functional machines find buyers at much higher prices. One of the most important issues that potential buyers who research MAP packaging machine prices should not forget is whether technical service and original spare parts can be provided for possible after-sales breakdowns. If we consider the unwritten rule of “time is money”, which is the common idea of almost everyone engaged in trade, the rate of malfunctions in their machines increases during periods of intense work. If the malfunctioning machines are not intervened immediately and on-site and spare parts are not supplied, the operation and production will stop, losing time and money. In order not to experience such negativities, cheap goods should not be preferred in MAP packaging machines.