What is MAP Packaging Machine?

Before giving information about the production of MAP packaging machine, sharing the information about what the MAP packaging machine is, where it is used, what the machine features are, will also reinforce the missing information, if any, of the sector employees who are doing research on the subject. In proportion to the demands of the sector companies acting with the idea that human health is the primary criterion and due to the legal regulations, the companies that produce machinery technology, in order to solve the problem, try to discover some technological innovations in order to preserve the freshness of the food products on the first day, to increase the shelf and consumption life, and to bring these innovations to the new generation. A new era has been opened in packaging machinery technology with the start of application in machines. While the products are packed in the machines, it is also necessary to regulate the atmosphere inside the package. For this reason, it is used in some methods that affect the in-pack atmosphere for the success of the process.

What is MAP Packaging and What is the Technology Used in Packaging?
Companies that manufacture MAP packaging machines use the technology called “modified atmospheric packaging” MAP for short. As the name of modified atmospheric packaging gives more or less an idea about the technology used, it means that the atmosphere inside the package is modified during the packaging of the products produced in MAP packaging machines. This process is also known as vacuuming in the classical sense, but there are some technical differences. In the classical vacuum method, bacteria formation is prevented by ensuring that no air is left in the product, while in the modified atmospheric packaging method, the atmosphere is replaced with food gases in the package and the air is treated with infiltrating, non-flowing, volatile gases. Thanks to the production of MAP packaging machine, the shelf life of the products containing carbon dioxide gas instead of oxygen during packaging is extended, and the taste, smell and appearance of the first day are preserved.

What are the Usage Areas of MAP Packaging Machines?
It is a packaging technology that is preferred especially in the food sector, but also in the packaging of rapidly consumed and perishable products. While modified atmospheric packaging is mostly preferred in the packaging of ready-made foods and frozen products in the food sector, it is also frequently preferred in the packaging of meat and dairy products. MAP packaging work can be used professionally in multi-piece packaging, as well as in home environments for desktop designed and small-scale works.

How Much Are the Prices of MAP Packaging Machines?
MAP packaging machine produces machines suitable for all levels of budget. Many factors such as the production capacity, the quality of the material used in the machine determine the prices. Industry employees, potential customers, entrepreneurs doing research can find hundreds of new and used ads on online marketplace sites. Since the prices they will see in such second-hand market places are designed according to the needs of the customer who buys the machine, you may have to pay extra for extra or missing features unnecessarily. Here, the most important issue to be considered before purchasing the product is after-sales service and spare parts supply. During peak production periods, business can be disrupted due to the lack of emergency support and parts. This will cause you to lose both time and money from potential profits. By calculating these elements, it would be best to purchase a machine that will meet the parts for the after-sales process.